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Monday Night: Clear and Cold. Lows in the mid and upper 30s. Light Wind

Tuesday 28 November 2017: Sunny Skies. Mild with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. Wind: S  8 - 14 MPH.

Tuesday Night: Mostly clear skies. Chilly with lows in the low 40s. Wind: SW 4 - 9 MPH

Wednesday: Mostly sunny and remaining mild. Highs in the low/mid 60s. Wind: NW 7 - 14 MPH

Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy and colder. Lows in the low/mid 30s.

Thursday: Partly sunny and cooler. Highs in the mid 50s. A chance of showers after 8PM.

Friday: Remaining cooler with highs in the low/mid 50s. Rain likely, mainly before 2PM, otherwise mostly cloudy.






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Tuesday: Partly to mostly cloudy. Seasonal temperatures in the mid and upper 50s. Windy. Wind: SW 8 – 18 G 30 MPH

Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy with a chance for showers east of I-95 (best chance on Delmarva). Mild early (50s/upper 40s), with temps falling as a cold front crosses the area. Wind: SW-NW 9 – 17 MPH

Wednesday: Mostly sunny and windy. Temperatures falling through the day from the upper 40s in the early morning to mid 30s during the evening. Wind: NW 15 – 25 G 35 MPH

Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy, cold & breezy. Lows in the upper 20s and low 30s. Wind: NW 5 – 15 MPH

Thursday/Thanksgiving: Sunny skies and chilly. Highs 41-44 (north), 43-47 (south). Wind: W 4 – 9 MPH

Black Friday: Sunny and chilly. Highs in the low to mid 50s.


Forecast Discussion

Winter in November continues through at least the end of the month for the eastern United States. A cold front with reinforcing cold air will cross the east coast Tuesday Night, bringing a chance for showers overnight into early Wednesday morning for areas east of I-95. It remains chilly through the end of the week, including Thanksgiving, which is likely to feature highs more than 10° below normal. Thanksgiving will be dry, so no worries for any outdoor activities! Another front will cross Saturday and will bring another reinforcing shot of cold air, with highs in the low and mid 40s (some spots 30s) starting Sunday and lasting into the beginning of next week. Model differences between the American GFS (spotty showers) and European (dry) models on rainfall add uncertainty to any weekend rain chances, but right now, I’m keeping the weekend dry.

Weekend Beach and Boating Forecast
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2017 Hurricane Season Names
Arlene (ar-LEEN) Lee (lee)
Bret (bret) Maria (ma-REE-ah)
Cindy (SIN-dee) Nate (nait)
Don (dahn) Ophelia (o-FEEL-ya)
Emily (EH-mih-lee) Philippe (fee-LEEP)
Franklin (FRANK-lin) Rina (REE-nuh)
Gert (gert) Sean (shawn)
Harvey (HAR-vee) Tammy (TAM-ee)
Irma (ER-mah) Vince (vinss)
Jose (ho-ZAY) Whitney (WHIT-nee)
Katia (KAH-tyah)  

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